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Weekly Wrap Up (03/12/11)

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Our Week In Review
This week, I have read, some truly awesome books! This Side of the Grave, First Grave on the Right, Hunting Human and of course River Marked! Loved them! I've been watching (well, they've been on anyway) a lot of movies this week, too. The Bounty Hunter (I ♥ Gerard Butler), The Last Exorcism (truly an odd movie, I thought), The Last Airbender (which I did like, even though Matt said I wouldn't understand it, ha! showed him!) and several more, thanks to the Marion County Public Library.

Friday, March 11, 2011

First Grave on the Right
by Darynda Jones

A smashing, award-winning debut novel that introduces Charley Davidson: part-time private investigator and full-time Grim Reaper.

Charley sees dead people. That’s right, she sees dead people. And it’s her job to convince them to "go into the light.” But when these very dead people have died under less than ideal circumstances (i.e. murder), sometimes they want Charley to bring the bad guys to justice. Complicating matters are the intensely hot dreams she’s been having about an Entity who has been following her all her life...and it turns out he might not be dead after all. In fact, he might be something else entirely.

This is a thrilling debut novel from an exciting newcomer to the world of paranormal romantic suspense.

 my thoughts~ 
It seems lately, that I am reading so many great books! And it makes me oh so happy to say this book was a Fantastic read! I really enjoyed meeting Charley, who has such a sense of humor! Love it! I mean the woman kept me laughing all the way through it! And her BFF Cookie and Ubie and well the list goes on! Would I recommend this book? I already have, to several of my friends! And I am anxiously awaiting the release of the second book, 'Second Grave on the Left'!

Just one of the LOL moment for me~
"My fore-parts, as you so in eloquently put it, have names." I pointed to my right breast. "This is Danger." Then my left. "And this is Will Robinson. I would appreciate it if you addressed them accordingly." After a long pause in which he took the time to blink several times, he asked, "You named your breasts?" I turned my back to him with a shrug. "I named my ovaries, too, but they don't get out as much."

Want to know what her ovaries names are? Read the book! You won't be disappointed!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let's Celebrate
Read An eBook Week
With Free eBooks!

Thanks to my fantastic friends over at Sourcebooks, 
these books are free right now!

Title: The Highest Stakes
Digital List Price: $15.99
Category: Fiction
Print ISBN: 9781402236426
PDF ISBN: 9781402236433
EPUB ISBN: 9781402249877

Historical fiction featuring the exciting origins of horse racing in England and the American colonies.

· Published in time for the Kentucky Derby

· A strong romantic element makes the story accessible and emotional

· Horses are a topic of almost universal appeal and horseracing is a sport enjoyed by millions—the origins of the sport are little known and dramatic

Available at –


Title: The Immigrants
Digital List Price: $15.99
Category: Fiction
Print ISBN: 9781402237911
PDF ISBN: 9781402237966
EPUB ISBN: 9781402247026

“A most wonderful book,” the Los Angeles Times.
“Emotional, exciting and entertaining” the Philadelphia Inquirer
· A major New York Times bestseller, with over 2.5 million copies in print
· The Immigrants was widely acclaimed and was turned into a movie
· A big repackage for widely known, brand-name author Howard Fast

Available at –


**Please note that AMAZON/KINDLE is currently uploading their link to this title, so it might not be listed as free right away. We apologize for the inconvenience!**

Title: The Wild Sight

Digital List Price: $6.99

Category: Romance

Print ISBN: 9781402213946
PDF ISBN: 9781402220906
EPUB ISBN: 9781402236778

Romantic suspense with a paranormal element, set in the mystical Irish countryside.· Romantic suspense is the #2 romance subgenre
· The Ireland location is very popular

Available at –


Title: The Best Little Stories from the Civil War

Digital List Price: $18.99
Category: History
Print ISBN: 9781402239106
PDF ISBN: 9781402239168
EPUB ISBN: 9781402247101

A collection of more than 100 true stories from the men and women of the blue and gray, this truly unique approach will capture the attention of history enthusiasts and civil war buffs alike.

· Now revised and updated, featuring new packaging
· First edition sold over 16,500 units
· Civil War is a strong category on the history shelf and human interest angle is a unique hook for the category
· PR opportunities centered around major battles

Available at –


No Review Today...

At least not the one scheduled. I was supposed to review Blood & Steel today, but I have to say, while the book is only about 47 pages, I couldn't get past the first 2. For some reason, I just can't get into it right now, so instead of not reading it at all, I will come back to it at a later date! The book that I am currently reading (and loving, by the way!) is First Grave On The Right by Darynda Jones. I hope to have it read and reviewed by tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

River Marked
by Patricia Briggs

Car mechanic Mercy Thompson has always known there was something different about her, and not just the way she can make a VW engine sit up and beg. Mercy is a shapeshifter, a talent she inherited from her long-gone father. She's never known any others of her kind. Until now.

An evil is stirring in the depths of the Columbia River-one that her father's people may know something about. And to have any hope of surviving, Mercy and her mate, the Alpha werewolf Adam, will need their help...
my thoughts~ 
I love the Mercy Thompson series. It is in my top 5 favorites. And this book! Oh, this book! So much Mercy & Adam!  In River Marked, you get to visit, briefly, the other characters in the book, but this is all Mercy & Adam. River Marked has introduced some new characters that I hope to see in the future!
I loved how Jesse & Mercy's mom put Mercy & Adams wedding together! It was perfect for them! And the balloons & butterflies made me laugh! I am so happy that they are now married!

Waiting On Wednesday (8)

Waiting On Wednesday is hosted each week by

Voss, also known as Viscount Dewhurst, relishes the sensual pleasures immortality affords. A member of the Dracule—a cabal of powerful, secretive noblemen marked with a talisman that reveals their bartered souls—the mercenary Voss has remained carefully neutral…until Angelica.
Angelica Woodmore possesses the Sight, an ability invaluable to both sides of a looming war among the Dracule. Her very scent envelops Voss in a scarlet fog of hunger—for her body and her blood. But he is utterly unprepared for the new desire that overcomes him—to protect her.
Now Voss must battle his very nature to be with Angelica…but this vampire never backs down from a fight.

Publishing Details
Publisher: Harlequin Enterprises, Limited
Date: March 22, 2011
ISBN13: 9780778329527
ISBN: 0778329526
BINC: 3248349

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

BDB Reading Challenge!

I was visiting Dead Book Darlings blog today and saw this challenge that is being hosted by Bookaholic Does Blogging! Now, everyone knows just how much I love me some Black Dagger Brotherhood brothers, so how could I not join? Thats right, I couldn't. And there is going to be a book club too! Woohoo! 1 book each month will be discussed over at Good Reads!

Challenge details:
--This challenge will run from April 1st to December 31st, 2011.
--Goal: Read all 9 Black Dagger Brotherhood series books by the end of the challenge.
--Any book counts: paperback, e-book, audio, etc.
--Challenge can cross-over into other challenges.
--Feel free to join whenever!
--Reviews can be linked to monthly book club posts, but this is not necessary. &

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday is weekly meme hosted by Miz B of Should Be Reading! It's a great way to check out what your fellow bloggers are reading. Anyone can play! Here are the rules:
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) "teaser" sentences from the page. PLEASE DON'T INCLUDE SPOILERS!
  • Share the author and title of the book so that others can add it to their TBR list if they want.
my teaser~
"You're the love of my life. I've loved you since the day we met, I never stopped. I can't help myself, you're like crystal meth or something, though that's probably not flattering comparison, but there it is, I love you, Harper. Even if you are a pain in the-".
My One and Only by Kristan Higgins

Tasty Tuesday ~ Five Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

Unfortunately, this is not an actual picture of what the recipe turns out to look like but it is what I wish it did look like. I haven't tried this yet, but a friend of mine loves it.

4 Tablespoons Flour

4 Tablespoons Sugar

2 Tablespoons Cocoa

1 Egg, beaten

3 Tablespoons Milk

3 Tablespoons Oil

3 Tablespoons Chocolate Chips (optional)

Splash of Vanilla Extract

1 Large (Microwave Safe) Coffee Mug

Add dry ingredients to mug and mix well. Add egg and mix thoroughly. Pour in milk and oil. Mix well. Add chocolate chips, if using, and vanilla then mix well. Place mug in microwave and cook for three minutes at 1000 watts. The cake will rise over the top of the mug, so don't be alarmed. Allow to cool a little and tip out onto a plate if desired. (I see me eating it straight out of the mug before it cools completely :-) ) Enjoy!!!!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Treasure Me by Robyn DeHart
Blog Tour & Giveaway!

Graeme Langford, Duke of Rothmore, has always been torn between his beloved Scottish homeland and his duty to the English crown. But his is an adventurer's soul and nothing keeps him from his dream: finding a long-lost stone hidden near Loch Ness.
Bookish Vanessa Pembrooke heads to the Highlands looking for traces of the legendary beast--not a husband. Yet when fate binds her to Graeme, it's not all bad: he's the first man ever to share her hunger for adventure. As their passion grows, so too does certain danger, and they'll soon risk everything to keep the jewel out of a murder's hands. But can they do so without losing the greatest treasure of all... their love?

 from the authors website~

I'm one of those writers who always knew that she wanted to be a writer. It took me a while, however, to figure out precisely what I wanted to write. Reading Kathleen Woodwiss' "A Rose in Winter" sealed the deal for me and I've been reading and writing romance ever since. I should have known I was destined for this when my Barbies insisted on hosting elaborate masquerade parties, complete with stolen kisses in the moonlight.
I'm the youngest of three children, so of course I'm the favorite. I was raised in central Texas, in the beautiful Hill Country, right smack-dab between Austin and San Antonio. My parents were high school sweethearts and married a week after my mother graduated – they both needed their parents' permission to marry since they were so young. So I blame them and their amazing marriage for the fact that I'm a hopeless romantic.
Somewhere along the line, I graduated from college with a degree in Sociology, only after completing an internship with none other than award-winning author, Pamela Morsi. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life and I learned more about the writing business than I could have hoped.
After college I worked a myriad of jobs: Computer Software Trainer, Recruiter, Administrative Assistant. But no matter what my day job, I come home to my real job and click, click, click away on my computer and get lost in my imaginary world where justice always prevails and the girl always gets her guy! It's the coolest job in the world.
I'm married to the most amazingly supportive man who makes me laugh every day. He's so proud of my career, and loves to tell people, "My wife is a romance novelist." We live in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, where my husband is a university professor.
We have two very spoiled cats who are of no help at all when it comes to my writing, although they sometimes nap in the same room where I sit diligently working.
After writing for seven years I sold my first book to Avon in 2004 and Courting Claudia was released in 2005. I had three other releases with Avon and have recently moved to Grand Central Publishing and am awaiting my first release with them. I love to hear from readers, so feel free to send me an email or you can find me online at my group blog, or at on my Facebook or MySpacepages.

Dare To Die
by Carolyn Hart

She came in the rain. Alone. On a bicycle.

Annie and Max Darling are completely unprepared when the arrival of a mysterious young woman shocks their sea island and stirs up more than just gossip.
It turns out that Iris, the beautiful stranger, is a former resident of Broward's Rock. Her arrival throws the normally happy town into a downward spiral that pits neighbor against neighbor.
Things take a turn for the worse when Annie befriends Iris and invites her to attend the Darlings' party at the pavilion where Death is the uninvited guest. Suddenly, Max and Annie find themselves in the middle of a fight they don't understand and at the mercy of an unknown assailant who's trying to kill them--and all they know is that it is one of their friends.

When I began reading this novel, I was not aware that it was part of a series of books. For me, it was slow reading and I had a very difficult time staying interested in it. Very rarely will I put a book down without finishing it, however, I came close to it on this one. I did manage, finally, to read the whole thing and am sad to say that I would not recommend it.

The 2011 E-Book Challenge!

I found another great blog this morning The Ladybug Reads, and she is hosting this fantastic challenge!

Challenge Guidelines:
1. Anyone can join. You don't need a blog to participate.

--Non-bloggers: Include your information in the comment section.

2. There are seven levels:

-- Curious – Read 3 e-books.

-- Fascinated – Read 6 e-books.

-- Addicted – Read 12 e-books.

-- Obsessed – Read 20 e-books.

-- Possessed – Read 50 e-books.

-- Fanatical – Read 75 e-books.

-- Monomaniacal – Read 100 e-books.

3. Any genre counts.

4. You can list your books in advance or just put them in a wrap-up post. If you list them, feel free to change them as the mood takes you.

5. Challenge begins January 1, 2011 and lasts until December 31, 2011.
I am planning on going all the way and being a complete Monomaniacal!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

This Side Of The Grave
by Jeaniene Frost

Danger waits on both sides of the grave.
Half-vampire Cat Crawfield and her vampire husband Bones have fought for their lives, as well as for their relationship. But just when they've triumphed over the latest battle, Cat's new and unexpected abilities threaten to upset a long-standing balance . . .
With the mysterious disappearance of vampires, rumors abound that a species war is brewing. A zealot is inciting tensions between the vampires and ghouls, and if these two powerful groups clash, innocent mortals could become collateral damage. Now Cat and Bones are forced to seek help from a dangerous "ally"—the ghoul queen of New Orleans herself. But the price of her assistance may prove more treacherous than even the threat of a supernatural war . . . to say nothing of the repercussions Cat never imagined.

my thoughts~
As everyone already knows, I love this series and This Side of the Grave did not disappoint me! I LOVED IT! It seems that Cat is indeed maturing, Bones is as HOT as ever, Vlad makes his appearances as well as Spade, Denise, Mencheres & Kira! I love how Ms. Frost can integrate all these characters to give us not just one awesome series, but two! I have read that people love Vlad and I will admit that I do like him. And I would love for Vlad (or maybe even Tate!)to have book three in the Night Huntress World series, but I can't say that I love him yet. We will see how he grows on me.
This Side of the Grave was a book that made me just smile, sometimes I laughed out loud, and shed a few tears. Ms. Frost has written a book that has hit all of my emotional needs to make this a truly awesome read! I can't wait to read the whole series again!!

one of the many *lol* moments for me~
I’d heard Bones threaten to beat someone with their own limb before, but I’d always assumed that was a figure of speech. Apparently not. ~Cat

one of those *sigh* moments~
"No matter what happens, you will never lose me," he whispered. "I am forever yours, Kitten, in this life or the next."~Bones 

**if you have not read First Drop of Crimson or Eternal Kiss of Darkness, read those before reading This Side of the Grave!**

In My Mailbox

picked up at my local USB~
Crave by JR Ward
An Unforgettable Lady by JR Ward writing as Jessica Bird
Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison
The Good, The Bad, and the Undead by Kim Harrison
Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison
For A Few Demons More by Kim Harrison

via the library~
Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeanienne Frost

books I bought~
River Marked by Patricia Briggs (squeee!!)
Treachery In Death by J.D. Robb

ebooks I bought~
This Side Of The Grave by Jeaniene Frost
Destined For An Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost

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