Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Email Was Highjacked!

So awhile ago, I noticed I couldn't get onto my MGP email account. It seems as though someone jacked my email and sent out 1 email. That's all I could find! So, I have taken back control of my blog & email and you will be seeing more of me! It's wonderful to have a job again, so I can afford satallite tv, internet and so many new books! But with my job comes less time to read and to blog (insert the saddest face ever!) But I will be reading & blogging whenever I can! Even if it's from my Nook, during quiet time! That is if it's ever quiet, lol. So back the email issue. Thanks to whoever jacked it, I had gotten lax on changing my password as often as I should. Well, not anymore!

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