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So Sorry!

When I got home last night my email was down, so I couldn't email the winners for "One Scream Away". As you can see, the problem has been fixed and the winners have all been notified by email. Thanks for understanding!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Book vs Movie~ P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

Holly and Gerry had the perfect life. Happily married, living in Dublin close to their friends and family, and with a brilliant social life, they had the world at their feet. Or so they thought. When Gerry dies, Holly is devastated. On the eve of her 30th birthday, the man who was her lover, her best friend, her rock, has left her. But Gerry promised he'd always be there for Holly. And he is: his last bequest to her is The List, a bundle of notes which form a monthly mission for Holly to get her life back on track. As the notes are gradually opened, and as the year unfolds, Holly is both cheered up and challenged. The man who knows Holly better than anyone sets out to teach her that life goes on. With some help from her friends, and her noisy and loving family, Holly finds herself laughing, crying, singing, dancing - and being braver than ever before. Life is for living, she realises - but it always helps if there's an angel watching over you.

I watched the movie BEFORE reading the book and participating in the Book to Movie Challenge. I loved the movie and so I chose this book to be included in my "picks".
my thoughts:
I so loved the book more than the movie. Don't get me wrong, the movie is one of my top favorite "chick flicks". BUT. THE. BOOK. IS. SO. MUCH. BETTER.
Although I will say as I was reading the book, I did picture Hillary Swank (as Holly), Gerard Butler (as Gerry) and Kathy Bates (as Holly's mum). The book delved much deeper into the emotions of not just Holly, but everyone who knew Gerry. There were some MAJOR differences in the book, but the main point remained the same. The letters that Gerry had written to Holly prior to his death. I have the habit of reading until my eyes pop out of my head, but with P.S. I Love You, I couldn't do that. I had to take regular breaks, go outside, do a load of laundry or just watch tv. It was an emotional roller coaster, and I had to jump off, alot. By the time I finished last night, I was exhausted. Cecelia Ahern is a fantastic writer who squeezes every drop of emotion out of her characters.
my suggestion:
Buy the book. Buy the movie. If you only have 2 hours and feel like you need a good cleansing cry, watch the movie. If you have a weekend and feel like you need a good cleansing cry, read the book. It's what I'm going to do!

2 / 6 books. 33% done!

AND THE WINNERS ARE...for One Scream Away

Killer Chevy Bankes is a master of disguise, and just paroled, he's coming after the woman who sent him to jail, the beautiful antiques expert Beth Denison. A set of antique dolls brings Beth into his sight, and inspire Chevy's disturbing crimes as he draws closer to Beth and her young daughter. Chevy sends the dolls to Beth one-by-one and she soon realizes that these antiques carry the same marks as his victims, signaling that the final piece in his collection will be for her.Neil Sheridan gave up his FBI shield five years ago, but his best friend Rick, a cop, pulls him in as a consultant on a case involving a serial killer who is eerily similar to a murderer Neil encountered in the past. The investigation leads Neil to Beth's doorstep, and he is certain she isn't telling him the truth. Neil is the only one who can get through Beth's defenses and, as they grow closer, discover the secrets that Beth is hiding about her fateful night with Chevy.

And the winners are:
Linda Ellen
Sue W
Thanks to for picking the winners!
I will be sending you an email today requesting your address.
Please respond back within 48 hours!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tour Stop~ Seduce The Darkness by Gena Showalter


The war between otherworlders and humans changed Earth beyond recognition. It also saved Bride McKells's life. Before, the gorgeous vampire was a target for every fanatic with a stake and a crucifix. Now, she's free to roam the streets -- and desperate to find others of her kind. One man claims to have the answers she seeks. Devyn, King of the Targons, is a warrior and a womanizer, and he makes no secret of how much he wants Bride -- and how dangerous he could be to her in every way. An avid collector of women, Devyn easily seduces human and otherworlder alike. Until now. Not only does Bride resist him, but she leaves Devyn feeling something entirely new...a bone-deep need bordering on obsession. Her blood is the key to curing a vicious alien disease, but helping Bride uncover her origins will compel her to choose between electrifying passion and a destiny that could tear her from Devyn's side forever.
  • Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Pocket Star (June 30, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1416531645
About The Author:

Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of breathtaking paranormal and contemporary romances, cutting edge young adult novels, and stunning urban fantasy.

Her novels have appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine, MTV, and Seventeen Magazine. The critics have called her books "sizzling page-turners" and "utterly spellbinding stories", while Showalter herself has been called “a star on the rise”.

my thoughts:

This couple is HOT! I loved, loved, loved Devyn's "I'm the best" attitude! I normally can not stand this attitude, even in a book, but Devyn just hit the right spot with me! Bride is funny & holds her own with Devyn, even taking on his "I'm the best" attitude. The Lords Of The Underworld series were the first books that I had read by Gena Showalter, and I thought they were great reads. Seduce The Darkness lives up to them! Ms. Showalter creates a new world for you to immerse yourself in, with each book she writes.
my suggestion:
Run out & buy Seduce The Darkness! (And if you haven't read The Lords Of The Underworld, why? Run out and get those too!! You will not be disappointed!)

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Tour Stop: My Forbidden Desire


Alexandrine Marit is a witch in mortal danger. An evil mage craves the powerful, mysterious talisman that supplies her magic, and the only person who can keep her safe is a dark and dangerous fiend called Xia. With his fierce animosity toward witches, he's hardly the ideal bodyguard. Yet as days turn into nights, she can't deny the white-hot passion between them.
Xia hates witches. They enslave and mercilessly kill his kind. But he's been ordered to protect Alexandrine, who, to his surprise, has a spirit he admires and a body he longs to possess. With the mage and his henchmen closing in, Alexandrine and her protector must trust the passion that can unite them...or risk losing everything to the enemies who can destroy them both.

Book Details:
· Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
· Publisher: Forever (June 1, 2009)
· Language: English
· ISBN-10: 0446178241
· ISBN-13: 978-0446178242

About The Author:

When not writing, Carolyn Jewel is a Database Administrator. She lives in northern California with her son, three cats, a border collie, several chickens, and some sheep

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My thoughts:

When I signed up for the book tour, I didn’t realize this was the second book of (hopefully) a series. But “My Forbidden Desire” could be a stand alone. There is just the right amount of back information to make you want to run out and buy “My Wicked Enemy” (which I will!!), but it does not overtake the plot of “My Forbidden Desire”.
Carolyn Jewell has created characters that were believable (thank you!), a setting that was realistic, and dialogue that was not stilted, but flowed well between characters. I enjoyed the “dance” between Xia and Alexandrine (I LOVE THAT NAME!). How could he continue with his hatred when he wants her that much?!? He can’t. And he has bad boy written all over him and that is irresistible to Alexandrine. I thought this book gives a fresh look at mage’s, witches, demons (aka fiends). I look forward to reading Harsh’s story as well as Kynan’s.

My suggestion:
Buy both “My Forbidden Desire” and “My Wicked Enemy”. You will definitely want to read these books, over and over and over again!

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In My Mailbox...(06/28/09)

In My Mailbox was started by
If you haven't checked out her blog
you should!

Prey by Rachel Vincent

Play? Right. My Pride is under fire from all sides, my father's authority is in question, and my lover is in exile. Which means I haven't laid eyes on Marc's gorgeous face in months. And with a new mother and an I-know-everything teenager under my protection, I don't exactly have time to fantasize about ever seeing him again.
Then our long-awaited reunion is ruined by a vicious ambush by strays. Now our group is under attack, Marc is missing, and I will need every bit of skill and smarts to keep my family from being torn apart. Forever.

How Perfect Is That by Sarah Bird
Blythe Young—a wannabe Texas princess, a heroine as plucky, driven, and desperate as Vanity Fair’s Becky Sharp—is plummeting precipitously from up- to downstairs, banging her head on every step of the Austin social ladder as she falls. Not unlike the country as a whole, Blythe has surrendered to a multitude of dubious moral choices and is now facing the disastrous consequences: bankruptcy, public humiliation, a teensy fondness for the pharmaceuticals, and no Pap smear for ten years. But worst of all, she is forced to move back into the fleabag co-op boardinghouse where she lived when she was a student at the University of Texas.Though Blythe cares much more about the ravaged state of her nails, and how to get the ingredients for Code Warrior—Blythe’s proprietary blend of Stoli, Ativan, and Red Bull that keeps everything in focus—her soul is hanging in the balance. Only when she is in danger of losing the one friend who’s been her true moral center is she ready to face her sins and make amends.And her penance is merciless: she must find a way to lure her former socialite friends into the tofu tenement she has been reduced to. Little does Blythe know that the ensuing collision between the pierced, tattooed, and dreadlocked inhabitants and the pampered, Kir-sipping socialites offers the only hope of finding a way out of her moral quagmire.Funny, fast-paced, sharp-eyed, an old-fashioned morality tale with an appropriately twenty-first-century ending, How Perfect Is That is a comic triumph of a novel.
Fairest Of Them All by Jan Blazanin
Oribella Bettencourt is living a teenage girl’s dream. At fifteen, she’s a beauty queen, a model, and a breath away from her life-long goal of acting in a major motion picture. She and her mother are more than partners; they’re best friends. When Oribella is diagnosed with alopecia, losing her hair means the end of her career. While she struggles to cope with that loss, the strain shatters the special bond she and her mother share. Without friends, family, or direction, Ori feels like a discarded doll. As she struggles to put her life back together, Ori wonders if she can build a future worth living for.

Last Light Over Carolina by Mary Alice Monroe
Every woman in the lowcountry knows the unspoken fear that clutches the heart every time her man sets out to sea. Now, that fear has become a terrible reality for Carolina Morrison. Her husband, shrimp boat captain Bud Morrison, the only man she's ever loved, is lost and alone somewhere in the vast Atlantic fi shing grounds, with a storm gathering and last light falling.
As the action unfolds on this one terrifying, illuminating day, Carolina and Bud Morrison look back across thirty years of love and loss, joy and sorrow. Carolina walked away from a well-to-do upbringing to marry Captain Bud Morrison. She embraced his extraordinary lifestyle by the sea and the customs of a historic shrimping village. Yet lately, hard times and the loneliness of long separations have driven them apart -- and driven her to make a mistake that threatens to shatter their once-unbreakable bond forever.
When Bud Morrison is overdue at the docks, the close-knit community rallies together to search for one of its own. But Carolina knows that it is their love that must somehow call him home, across miles of rough water and unspeakablememories. And she swears that if she is given one more chance -- for love and for forgiveness -- nothing will ever take her from this man's side again.
In Last Light over Carolina, Mary Alice Monroe once again explores a vanishing feature of the southern coastline, the mysterious yet time-honored shrimping culture, in a convincing and compelling tale of an enduring marriage.

Julie & Julia by Julie Powell

With the humor of Bridget Jones and the vitality of Augusten Burroughs, Julie Powell recounts how she conquered every recipe in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking and saved her soul.Julie Powell is 30-years-old, living in a rundown apartment in Queens and working at a soul-sucking secretarial job that's going nowhere. She needs something to break the monotony of her life, and she invents a deranged assignment. She will take her mother's dog-eared copy of Julia Child's 1961 classic Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and she will cook all 524 recipes. In the span of one year. At first she thinks it will be easy. But as she moves from the simple Potage Parmentier (potato soup) into the more complicated realm of aspics and crepes, she realizes there's more to Mastering the Art of French Cooking than meets the eye. With Julia's stern warble always in her ear, Julie haunts the local butcher, buying kidneys and sweetbreads. She sends her husband on late-night runs for yet more butter and rarely serves dinner before midnight. She discovers how to mold the perfect Orange Bavarian, the trick to extracting marrow from bone, and the intense pleasure of eating liver. And somewhere along the line she realizes she has turned her kitchen into a miracle of creation and cuisine. She has eclipsed her life's ordinariness through spectacular humor, hysteria, and perseverance.

The Imposter's Daughter by Laurie Sandell

Laurie Sandell grew up in awe (and sometimes in terror) of her larger-than-life father, who told jaw-dropping tales of a privileged childhood in Buenos Aires, academic triumphs, heroism during Vietnam, friendships with Kissinger and the Pope. As a young woman, Laurie unconsciously mirrors her dad, trying on several outsized personalities (Tokyo stripper, lesbian seductress, Ambien addict). Later, she lucks into the perfect job--interviewing celebrities for a top women's magazine. Growing up with her extraordinary father has given Laurie a knack for relating to the stars. But while researching an article on her dad's life, she makes an astonishing discovery: he's not the man he says he is--not even close. Now, Laurie begins to puzzle together three decades of lies and the splintered person that resulted from them--herself.

The Cemetary Dance by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

William Smithback, a NY Times reporter, and his wife Nora Kelly, a Museum of Natural History archeologist, are brutally attacked in their apartment on the Upper West side of Manhattan. Eyewitnesses claim and the security camera confirms the killer seen leaving the building was their strange, sinister neighbor--a man who, by all reports, was already dead. Captain Hayward leads the official homocide investigation, while Pendergast, D'Agosta, and Nora undertake a private quest for the truth. Their serpentine journey takes them into a part of Manhattan they never imagined could exist: a secretive and deadly hotbed of Obeah, the West Indian Zombii cult of sorcery and magic. And it is here they find their true peril is just beginning.

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