Monday, December 07, 2009


Happy Holidays!

I just have to say that my email is crazy! I have over 3,000 but that includes the emails I receive from I am slowly going through them and will resond when I can! I went to the cardiologist last week, and he seems to think that with the medicine that he has me on (and is increasing the dosage) will hopefully strengthen my heart. They don't know if the chemo caused the damage or that really bad virus that put me in the hospital the first time.

I am still not reading much, but we did get our Christmas tree up! It seems that these last couple of months have just been a mess. I was in the hospital for 14 days in October (in a drug induced coma) with a viral pnemonia. The day I was released from the hospital, the owner of the company I worked for CALLED me and told me I was being let go, that my position was no longer needed. He let 2 other employees go the same day, one had worked there for 17 years! Then Brittni turned 18, 10 days after I got out of the hospital. Of course, I was still not feeling well, so I didn't even buy her a gift! Luckily, she loves, loves, loves cold, hard, cash! LOL! Then within another week, I was BACK in the hospital, with pnemonia again! That is when they found that I have a 'leaky heart valve'. My goal for December? NOT to end up back in the hospital. OH! And do you want to know what the fantastic part is? I haven't had insurance in over a year! My first hospital stay was over $75,000, just for the hosptial.
So I am now unemployeed and while I should be reading, blogging and holding all kinds of contests, I can't. Well, I could, but I have no 'gumption' right now. So my goal is to start reading & blogging. And going back to school. I think for respiratory therapy. But that could change. We'll see.

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