Saturday, March 26, 2011

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This was a slow reading & blogging week for me. A friend had a sick kid, so I helped out a couple of days at the daycare that she co-owns and that really cut into my reading & blogging time, lol! I did read~ Everything Changes by Megan Hart, Sinjin, Victor & Rory by Julia Templeton and The Scent of Shadows by Vicki Pettersson. Yes, I know that is 5 books that I've read, but Everything Changes was more of a novella. This weekend will be a slow reading & blogging weekend, since Taylor our granddaughter is spending the weekend with us! Her spring break started today and she just had to come over!  So, that's been my week. 
Tell me about yours!


Friday, March 25, 2011

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Q.Inspired by the inane twitter trend of #100factsaboutme, give us five BOOK RELATED silly facts about you.

1. I own all of Nora Roberts / J.D. Robb books, except one. I had it but I sold it for over $100 to pay a bill.
2. I buy books before I buy shoes, clothes, and most things.
3. I never leave home without my Kobo. I do forget my cell phone, but not my ereader!
4. I love to read & watch tv at the same time, but I can't read & watch a movie at the same time. Weird.
5. I love having piles of books everywhere. I have them on my tables, my computer desk, the top of my refrigerator!


Hunting Human
by Amanda E. Alvarez

For two years, Beth Williams has run from the past, and the beast that dwells inside her. She is haunted by memories of being kidnapped and the savage attack that killed her best friend. Now Beth finally thinks she's ready to move on...with Braden Edwards, a charming, irresistibly sexy man who tempts Beth to embrace the present. But the past lurks closer than Beth realizes. Markko Bolvek, one of the werewolves who kidnapped her, has tracked her to Portland, Oregon, his pursuit fueled by a hunger for vengeance. Only Braden, a werewolf himself, senses the danger shadowing her steps. The Edwards and Bolveks have been enemies for centuries—and despite the instant connection he feels with Beth, Braden isn't sure which side of the war she's on. With suspicion at odds with their attraction, Beth and Braden must learn to trust one another to stop Markko for good. Can Beth accept the wolf within—and love a man who embodies everything she fears?
my thoughts~
I really enjoyed this book! Ms. Alvarez had great descriptions of the wolves running and playing that I could see it. I was, of course, rooting for Braden & Beth, and I loved his family, especially Lucy & Chase! This was the first book of hers that I've read, but I'm hoping that there will a second book (Lucy's maybe, lol), and soon!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Scent of Shadows
by Vicki Pettersson

When she was sixteen, Joanna Archer was brutally assaulted and left to die in the Nevada desert.

By rights, she should be dead.
Now a photographer by day, she prowls a different Las Vegas after sunset—a grim, secret Sin City where Light battles Shadow—seeking answers to whom or what she really is . . . and revenge for the horrors she was forced to endure.
But the nightmare is just beginning—for the demons are hunting Joanna, and the powerful shadows want her for their own . . .

my thoughts~
I had read The Scent of Shadows a few years ago, along with the next couple of books, but then I just forgot about the next one since it was so long before it was released. Thanks to Net Galley, I have the opportunity to read the upcoming book, The Neon Graveyard, and I wanted to revisit the series. I'm so glad I started this over! There so many details that I had forgotten! Like almost all of them! But as I read, the details would return just before I would read it! Joanna becomes The First Sign of the Zodiac and exactly midnight on her 25th birthday. Unfortunately, for Joanna it's her last birthday. After her sister is killed by a Shadow agent, Joanna is 'enlisted' into the Las Vegas division of Zodiac Troop, Division 175. It isn't everyday you learn your a superhero.
I can't wait to start reading the next book in the series, The Taste of Night!


One Grave At A Time by Jeaniene Frost cover!

I was lurking on Twiiter this morning, since I haven't been on the last couple of days, and saw that Jeaniene Frost has posted the new cover of Cat & Bones' new book, due out August 30th! I was going to wait until next Wednesday, but I can't! Here it is! I love it!

And she also posted this picture that I most absolutely love as step back:

 Love them! Woohoo!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Waiting On Wednesday

Nikki Glass can track down any man. But when her latest client turns out to be a true descendant of Hades, Nikki now discovers she can’t die. . . . Crazy as it sounds, Nikki’s manhunting skills are literally god-given. She’s a living, breathing descendant of Artemis who has stepped right into a trap set by the children of the gods. Nikki’s new “friends” include a descendant of Eros, who uses sex as a weapon; a descendant of Loki, whose tricks are no laughing matter; and a half-mad descendant of Kali who thinks she’s a spy. But most powerful of all are the Olympians, a rival clan of immortals seeking to destroy all Descendants who refuse to bow down to them. In the eternal battle of good god/bad god, Nikki would make a divine weapon. But if they think she’ll surrender without a fight, the gods must be crazy
I cant wait! Dark Descendant by Jenna Black is book #1 in the Descendant's series.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My One and Only
by Kristan Higgins

Divorce attorney Harper James can't catch a break. Bad enough that she runs into her ex-hubby, Nick, at her sister's destination wedding, but now, by a cruel twist of fate, she's being forced to make a cross-country road trip with him. And her almost-fiance; back at home is not likely to be sympathetic.Plus Harper can't help that Nick has come blazing back into her life in all of his frustratingly appealing, gorgeous architect glory. But in Nick's eyes, Harper's always been the one. If they can only get it right this time, forever might be waiting just around the bend.

my thoughts~
I started this book thinking it would be a cute HEA read. While I really did enjoy the book, it wrenched something inside me. It would seem that Ms. Higgins knows what it's like to meet the ONE early on and screw things up so badly that it takes years to mend. I've been there. And I didn't get the second chance that Harper & Nick got.
Ms. Higgins writes a great story that made me laugh, cry and everything in between. Oh, I ♥ Coco! I LOL'd at "Holy Testicle Tuesday!" and the use of "crotchety, crotch, crotch!" as swear words. But was tired of "Dude!" early on! Would I read this book again? You betcha. But it will be awhile. My heart can't take the ups & downs that this awesome couple take!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

In My Mailbox

Books To Review ~
Animal Stories Daddy Told Us by Innocent Emechete
The Thirteenth Gift: A Novella of Hope For All Times by Charlene Costanzo
Recovery by Alexandra Weis

from the library~
The Duke's Night of Sin by Kathryn Caskie
Date With The Other Side by Erin McCarthy
The Scent of Shadows by Vicki Pettersson
The Taste of Night by Vicki Pettersson
The Touch of Twilight  by Vicki Pettersson
City of Souls by Vicki Pettersson
The Taking by Erin McCarthy
Sinjin by Julia Templeton

from the neighborhood usb~
First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost
Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost
The Shining by Stephen King
Christine by Stephen King

Wicked Lovely by    (eBook)
Everything Changes by Megan Hart (eBook)
Millie's Fling by Jill Mansell (eBook)

for review~
The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter  (eBook)

Lost in the Hive: Confessions of a Reluctant Drone by Brian O'Mara-Croft (eBook)

Help Teach A Child To Read

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