Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gog & Magog
By Jerry Pollock

In Dr. Jerry Pollock's riveting thriller, Satan descends to earth with the intention of destroying God and the entire planet by inciting war between a modern-day Cain and Abel. Will he succeed? That is the question at the center of this heart-pounding mystery-thriller, which takes much of its inspiration - and it's characters - from the Bible itself. It's a classic story of good vs. evil with one important twist: it takes place in America's halls of power.

Beginning in the Garden of Eden, where he entices Eve to eat a fig from the Tree of Knowledge, Satan's quest continues to modern times, where he aligns himself with the president of the United States and his son, Cain. Standing in Satan's way is a captivating cast of characters that include a brilliant psychiatrist charged with unraveling God's prophetic secret, a modern-day Abel who represents all things good, and the archangels Michael and Gabriel. Will Satan succeed or will God himself intervene? The answer lies in a duel to the death and the electrifying conclusion.

My thoughts on this book:

It was a page turner and kept me interested until the very end. This book is available at Amazon and also for e-readers.


Monday, August 15, 2011

The Lament: Selected Poems and Prose
By Ercell H. Hoffman

The Lament captures the full range of emotion that whirl around human relationships. Here are dozens of poems examining the profound joy of those deeply in love, the incredible longing of the separated partner, the intense loneliness of modern working life, and - above all - the indisputable necessity of connecting with people around us. Poet Ercell H. Hoffman casts a penetrating gaze on our everyday emotions, revealing our extraordinary capacity for feeling, empathy, and love.

In "Lost to the Moment," the speaker relishes the irreplaceable first blush of fledgling love that sweeps through her body "like a cool summer breeze." "This Afternoon" explores the painful possibilities of a love that might have been - that "I knew could not blossom." "Stay Heart Stay" is about the undying fire for another that refuses to be extinguished despite considerable hurdles. Meanwhile, other poems examine relationships in the contemporary workplace, revealing a deeply unsatisfying existence: "The Factory" looks at the peculiarly disconnected relationships among under appreciated factory workers, while "On the JOB" tackles the boredom of a career that's anything but busy. Chock full of penetrating insights into the heart, The Lament is about our most basic needs: finding and keeping love and obeying your inner truth.

My thoughts on this book:

I don't read alot of poetry, however, I enjoyed this book. I'm a hopeless romantic, and quite a few of the poems in this book touched me. "Stay Heart Stay" was one of my favorites as well as a short poem called "Knowing You."

This book is available in paperback at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com. It is also available as an instant e-book download. I highly recommend this book for an enjoyable, easy read.


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