Friday, May 21, 2010

My MIL's 80th Birthday Party!

Hello! As I said in a previous post, this last month and a half has been crazy! Planning my MIL's 80th birthday party, Britt's Prom last month, Britt's graduation & graduation party is next week! Matt leaving for Basic Training on the 1st. I posted pictures of Britt's Prom and so I'm going to post some pictures of Lottie's birthday party.

Her sister, the baby of the family, came up from Jacksonville Florida, just for her birthday!
She doesn't get many chances to come up & visit so this was a huge surprise for Lottie!

Here are the 4 remaining siblings.
Clyde, Helen, Charlie & Lottie
They all grew up in Beverly, WV and they lost their mom
when they were young. Helen & Charlie were raised by the older
siblings. Lottie married, & had 4 children with him. When they divorced,
she met Jims (my sweetie!) dad & had Jim. It amazes me that she had all 5 of her kids at home!

Here's 4 of the 5: Bert, Angela, Mavles & Jim!
The one missing is Dana, and he couldn't be there that day.
Interesting fact: Bert, Angela & Mavles are still married to their original spouses!
Interesting fact: Bert & Angela were both born on the same day.
Interesting fact: Lottie, Mavles & Mavles' grand daughter were all born on the same day!

Needless to say, there are alot more pictures, but I have to go get ready.
 Matt & I are going to see Iron Man 2 this morning.
We usually hit alot of movies throughout the summer
but since he won't be here. Well, you know. We want to get at least one in!
I hope you have an excellant day. An awesome weekend.
I have some reviews that will be posting over the next few weeks!

Monday, May 17, 2010


I've posted about how busy & crazy my life has been for the last month or so. Well, I finally started going through my emails last week and guess what I found!?! I found an email from Jason with CSN Stores asking if I'd like to do another product review. So, I of course said, oh yeah! Then I started looking through their 200 stores and oh my goodness! Do you know that they have everything from bathroom vanities to shoes & handbags! Hello! I'm in shopping heaven! I will post my review as soon as I recieve the item!


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