Monday, August 24, 2009

The Unexpected Gift by Michelle Bulmer Atha & Meaghan Gonzales Wager

Drew Robbins Warren is a mother of two, whose husband has just left her for a younger woman. Leah Cline is a pregnant eighteen-year-old with no family, no friends, and no money. The only thing these women have in common is loneliness. Through their unlikely friendship, Drew and Leah learn to embrace life and everything that has been offered to them. But will either woman open her heart to love another man again?

my thoughts:

The Unexpected Gift is a great quick but meaningful book. Only 150 pages long, the authors pack a lot of heart into it! This book shows the joy one person can find helping someone in need. The writing wasn't fantastic, I felt that there were bits of the story missing, but it made me feel for both Drew & Leigh. This book had a message to it (at least for me) that no matter how bad you think you have it, someone out there has it worse. Sometimes we forget that. We get so wrapped up in our troubles, that we forget others. Leigh helped Drew just as much as Drew helped Leigh. This is a story about giving and in return receiving an unexpected gift in return!


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