Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tour Stop~ Butterfly by Clare Austin

Flannery Sloane is a free spirit, her soul blessed by Irish musical tradition. She doesn't care where she's going or how she'll get there. Joy and passion are her only map. And, though she's not interested in falling in love, she wouldn't mind a little fun with a fine-looking man. Hunter Kincade could fill that bill and have a bit of change left over. Hunter thrives on punctuality. He is in the music business with his focus on the bottom line. The pretty fiddle player with the bright green eyes would make his next production worth the price of a CD. But Flannery never wears a watch. She's late for everything but the downbeat of a fiddle tune. Their only common ground is the belief that falling in love is a danger to health and sanity. They're all wrong for each other...and they are so right.

from the authors website:

I have always been a dreamer. As a child I tripped the fine line between reality and fantasy with ease. Books were magical vehicles put together out of paper, ink, and paste with the sole purpose of transporting me to worlds afar. I became a frequent flyer.
I crept through haunted mansions and solved mysteries with Nancy Drew, lived in the Little House in the Big Woods with Laura Ingalls and galloped with the wind in my hair with Black Beauty. We had an old set of tomes called The Book of Knowledge in our house. I think there might have been twelve volumes. I read them all, over and over, gleaning details of the natural world, literature and history.
When I was eight years old, I submitted my first story to a well known New York Publishing house. How I wish I still had that rejection letter. Somehow, that did not discourage me at all. Half a lifetime later I would realize my dream.
When our sons were little, I learned the maternal art of multitasking. Baby at my breast, I could break up a dispute between toddler and pre-schooler, cook, bake bread, can tomatoes, knit a sock and read a novel with ease. If this screams “exaggeration,” well, I am a fiction author! All the time I told myself “I could write one of those novels.” All I needed to do is sit down and type out my stories. Then, reality would smack me in the head and I’d go change another diaper.
When I tell people that I am a writer and that I have written several full length novels, their response is often, “I’ve always wanted to do that.” Well, I did too. And what was holding me up? Not inspiration. Characters were knocking at the walls of my cranium day and night trying to get me to tell their stories. Not time. I’ve always found that the busier I am, the more productive I become. As most moments of realisation present themselves, mine was simple. I sat myself down at my new laptop and started to type. I wrote several hours a day…sometimes with such bad eye fatigue I had to write with my eyes closed and fix the errors later. I wrote my first 400 page novel in less than a month. It terrified me. Was this my only story? Would I be able to do it again? So as not to give myself a chance to worry over this possibility, I wrote three more books that year.
So, what does a writer do when she has stories to tell? She works toward getting those stories published. I wanted to write a story that would make my readers laugh, cry and end up wanting more. I wrote Butterfly for you. I hope you enjoy it.

my thoughts:

Butterfly is a great love story! The characters are authentic, conversations flow and the details are wonderful. It brought tears to my eyes and laughter to my soul! I’m so glad I read this book! I love, love, loved it and will definitely be re-reading it in the future!


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