Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My CSN Stores Bookcase Came!

As everyone knows, I received an offer to review a bookcase for CSN Stores last week! I picked out the bookcase I thought would suit my needs, space, etc the best...

What I chose: 4D Concepts 143014 - 3 Tier Bookcase in Wicker and Metal

Add additional storage to any corner of your house with this bookcase from 4D Concepts. The unit is constructed of wicker shelves and a black metal frame. The three shelves are create for storing and displaying books, plants and much more.


  • Three wicker shelves
  • Black metal frame
  • Perfect for display or storage

Shipping: The order was placed late on Wednesday, so we will just say it was placed on Thursday. Friday I received an email saying that the bookcase had already shipped and the email had the Fed Ex tracking number I needed to see just where it was! A++ on shipping!

Packaging: I think if the bookcase had been 100% glass, it would have arrived safe & sound! Everything was wrapped up tight!

Assembly: Quick & easy! I had the bookcase together, with books & a cat on it within 15-20 minutes (that includes everything from carrying it into the house to books & a cat on it!). It was very easy to assemble, CSN Stores supplied everything I needed, plus extras!

Overall: Yes, it is a small bookcase, but perfect for the limited space I have available! Every step of the process has been a pleasure for me.

A big heart felt "Thank You" goes out to: J.Kaye for having a list of bloggers she recommends to anyone who asks! To Jason at CSN Stores for choosing my blog as a reviewer. And to the people that work in the shipping department (you guys are quick!) at CSN Stores and to Fed Ex for delivering my bookcase so gosh darn quickly!


Bingo said...

That looks great and now I really can't wait for mine to come! Why it even sounds like it didn't take as long to get there as I was thinking. I'm imagining 2 weeks at least. I can't wait and I too chose a smaller one than offered due to space. I love your choice as well. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

If you don't count the weekend, it took about 4 days to get here!
AND I have my eye on some other items from there too! I think their prices are really reasonable...

Linda Ellen said...

Wow, that's so awesome! I like how you've taken pictures from start to finish. I didn't know wicker could be that resistant.

Talking about bookshelves, where are my IKEA bookshelves? I'm receiving more amd more books, and silly me, I still want to keep them. IKEA can be pricey though.

Thanks for the book case review. =)

Amy said...

Man I ordered mine about 2 weeks ago and I just now got the email saying it is being shipped. I am so bummed that everyone is getting theres so fast and I still dont have mine! Yours looks great!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! So glad you got yours...and it's soooooo pretty!

Great review. :)

Susie said...

Everybody in my house loves know, now that I am putting books on it instead of on the coffee table, kitchen counter, end tables, anywhere there was a surface!!

Renee said...

OMG that bookcase is beautiful! It would totally go with my room decor! Maybe I'll put one on my b-day wishlist!!

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