Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The ABC's Of Me!

I found this at Kalea's blog EnRoute To Life who found it at Pams blog Mom's Mutterings.
Brittni, Jim, Me (with hair! it was growing backYay!) & Matt
This is one of my favorite places, Cataract Falls.

Age: I will soon be 40 and yes I think I will begin MY midlife crisis anyday now. I'm planning on getting my 1st tattoo, taking a ride in a bi-plane and I don't know what else I might do!
Bed Size: Queen, I wish my bedroom was big enough for a KING but it's not *sigh*
Chore You Hate: DISHES! I can't stand to do the dishes! UGH, it irrates me just thinking about it! LOL!
Dogs or Cats: BOTH! I love 'em all! I have 2 cats, Belle & Lulu and 2 dogs, Jack & Bea Bea. And several fish that I just call Sushi.
Essential Start Your Day Item: COFFEE! I can't get started without coffee.
Favorite Color: Red & yellow I can't pick just one!
Gold or Silver: Silver!
Height: 5'3 (whew! Glad it didn't ask for weight, I would have LIED like a dog!)
Instruments You've Played: Clarinet and I was actually ok with it. I didn't enjoy it enough to continue though.
Job Title: Customer Service, Order Entry ie: peon
Kid(s): I have an almost 18-year-old daughter, Brittni and a son who will be 17 in February, Matt. Britt was offered 8 semesters free to a local private college (yay Britt!) and Matt will be signing up for the Army reserves on his 17th birthday and will go active after he graduates ! I have great kids! :)
Matt, Me & Brittni
This was taken a few years ago.

Loud or Quiet: BOTH! I laugh LOUD (and I snort), I like my music loud but I love quiet first thing when I wake up.
Married? How long: HELL NO! I've been married twice and divorced twice and do not see marrying again anytime in the future.
Nicknames: Mom, Honey, Susie, hey you, I answer to almost anything!
Overnight Hospital Stay: A couple, when I had the kids and when I had sepsis and it almost freaking killed me!
Pet Peeve: Kids who spend so much time playing video games or texting that they can't seem to hold a regular conversation! I mean come on! YOURE the future how will you be able to interview for a freaking job??
Quote From A Movie: "I'd rather argue with you than make love with anyone else."
Right or Left Handed: Right
Siblings: On my mom's side, I have 2 older brother & 3 older sisters~ on my dad's side, I have 3 older brothers living, 1 older brother that passed when I was about 13/14.
Time You Wake Up: 6:30 am on weekdays. On the weekends, whenever.
Underwear: sometimes ;~P
Vegetable you Hate: Brussel Sprouts, those are the nastiest things ever!
Ways You Run Late: I don't run late, if I'm late, it's always someone elses fault, really. I hate to be kept waiting and hate to keep anyone else waiting!
X-Rays You've Had: Well the obvious ones, dental and a few when I was going through chemo & radiation.
Yummy Food You Make: I make an awesome apple pie from scratch and my potato salad kicks ass too!
Zoo Favorite: I love the farm animals: goats, pigs, donkey's. Boring I know, but those are my favorites!


Pam said...

That was an interesting read. I enjoyed learning more about you.

sugarandgrits said...

Too cool! I'm going to post this on my blog, too!


~ Lori

sugarandgrits said...

Sorry! That should be:


Susie said...

Yay! Somebody actually read it! Woohoo!! Thanks guys! I'll be checking your blogs later!

kalea_kane said...

Susie! What a fun read. I'm a snorter too, and God bless my husband because he thinks it is cute. He also knows what he said was pretty funny if I'll actually snort!

On my 40th birthday I had a bachelorette party in Palm Springs. Four days later I got married. That is about is close to a crisis as I got. :) No tats, no jumping out of planes. Maybe when I'm 50. :)

Nice ABCs :)

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