Thursday, May 28, 2009

Read It, Watch It, Rate It~ Book vs Movie Challenge~

Thanks to Royal Reviews for this challenge!

The rules are simple:
In 2009 read a minimum of 6 books that have been made into movies and then watch the movie. Write a review on the Book vs the Movie and be honest about whether or not you think the film-maker was successful in translating the book to film. Please keep in mind that it is impossible to convey everything. You must both read the book and watch the movie within 2009. All genres are acceptable and it doesn't matter when the movie was made.
I found a great list of books 2 movies here!
1.)Julie & Julia by Julie Powell
2.) Cider House Rules by John Irving
3.) Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells
4.) The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks ~06/19/09
5.) P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern ~ 07/01/09
6.) Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks
edit note: I changed one so far. I took off "Of Mice and Men" changing it to "The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks. Its my all time favorite movie and I've wanted to read the book.

2 / 6 words. 33% done!
0 / 6 books- 0% done!


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