Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pass It On...

I've been thinking of what I can do with the books
I seem to be collecting since I've started this blog
and it's turned into a book blog.
I'm going to put a list of books in the side bar
and I will send them to you.
Some of the books have been read once
and some are from the used book store(re: read alot!)
But there are rules...

1.) Pick a book/author that you haven't read before.
2.) You can't keep it unless you asolutely LOVE it!
And I mean it has to be the "can't live without re-reading it" kind of LOVE it!
3.) When your finished, pass it along to someone who hasn't read the book/author.

That's it. See how easy?

You will need to email me which book you want, along with your address.
(I still have to make the list, look for it over the next couple of days)


Belle said...

This is so sweet of you! Passing it on is a beautiful idea.

Missy said...

Susie, what a great idea! :)

Linda Ellen said...

I love the idea. It's very nice of you. I think there are too many books lying around that I enjoy, and to be honest, I'm reluctant to give them away. Isn't that sad? You're really a hero, and you're thinking green. =)

Oh well, I'll let go of them eventually -- except for the ones that I "can't live without." =)

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