Saturday, April 02, 2011

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It seemed like a busy week to me, but I didn't really do a lot except read! A couple of my friends & I did get together on Thursday and have lunch and just laugh & talk! It was fun and needed! The books that I read this week are: The Taste Of Night, The Touch of Twilight, City of Souls, Cheat The Grave (all by Vicki Pettersson) and Lover Unleashed by JR Ward. And thanks to Dead Book Darling I'm going to leave you all with this video that I know you all will appreciate!!



Anonymous said...

Holy Guacamole - you finished a lot of books this week! How fun! Another plug for Wicked Lovely. Do read. I think you'll like it.

Anonymous said...

Susie: Can you tell me how you get that widget on your blog - Blogs I Stalk. I want one of those. I'm just so non-techy but I would love to have new blog posts pop up for me to read too.

Cait said...

wow you read so many books! *is in awe* I haven't heard of many of them so I'll have to check your reviews out

Susie said...

I do read A LOT! Mostly because I don't watch much tv. It also helps that my kids are grown (for the most part!) and I'm currently unemployed. Trust me, once I get back to work soon, I will not be reading as much.

Kay (Dead Book Darling) said...

Lol, glad you liked the video! I'm also pretty amazed by how many titles you read in one week!

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