Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Stop Looking For a Husband {Find the Love of Your Life}
By Marina Sbrochi

This book bucks the notion that a woman needs a husband to be happy. Ever think the reason the divorce rate is so high is because women have been taught that life isn't complete without a husband? We rush into marriage only to discover that it was never meant to be. Quick, find that man before you reach a certain age, and seal the deal. Make him commit or else! The truth is, a marriage will never work when its foundation is set on shaky ground. Author Marina Sbrochi tells the modern, intelligent woman that she will only find real love when she gets the objective of marriage out of her head--a fundamental mind shift. Change your goal from finding a husband to finding the love of your life, and you'll find happiness. Women have been conditioned to search for the perfect man who will fulfill the dream of a white dress, a diamond ring, 2.5 kids, and a house in the 'burbs. Nowhere in this fairy tale is there anything about falling in love with the one you can't live without -- and having fun doing it! The honest, straightforward advice -- and the often hilarious accounts -- speaks to anyone who has read all the "rules" and tried all the tricks, yet can't seem to get off the starting line. Stop Looking for a Husband will not only give the intelligent woman ideas for a new and enhanced approach to finding love but will also keep her in stitches with sage advice and true tales that can only happen in real life.

I loved this book!!! I am one of those women who have a hard time in the romance department. I wish that I would have known to try some of the concepts in this book before getting involved with anyone. I would definitely recommend that every woman who is dating read this. This book helped me to realize that I was trying too hard to make a man interested in me....I need to get out and just enjoy myself, get to know as many people as I can but be prepared to be alone and be okay with being alone. As the author states in her note at the front of the book..."The most vital lesson I've learned is that true love magically appears when you're being yourself, doing things for yourself, and creating opportunities to share that with others."



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