Thursday, January 20, 2011

What Makes A Writer A Writer?

A few days ago, I joined a ning network, Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction and I received an invitation from author Lynda Coker (who created WRDF) for a free issue of BOLD, her new E-Zine. And it said that if I am a blogger, I could submit an article for the E-Zine. Immediately, I thought, oh no! I'm not a writer, why would I do that? Then I thought about it. I do write, short, to the point reviews for books and products that I choose to review. I write short posts about things that go on at various times throughout my day, if something is blog worthy. Does that make me a writer? My answer is, kinda. I can write. Do I think I write well? No. But I write honestly. I wish I could create worlds that people fall into when they read them. I think I can come up with some get ideas. But the actual story. Nope, the people are boring. The conversations are horrid! If they were real, I would fall asleep talking to myself! So will I submit an article? Who knows! But this makes me wonder. What do you think makes a writer a writer?


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