Monday, March 01, 2010

Fire Gazer by Kevin Burton McGuire

Follow Ben Jennings around an Asheville, North Carolina that Thomas Wolfe would not have recognized.Ride along as Ben encounters visions of Zelda Fitzgerald, pagan rituals, a sub-culture embedded in the city’s infrastructure, and fires of unknown origin.Ben becomes enamored by DC, a charismatic drifter with a dark world vision, and he is forced to confront DC’s rejection of culture and the art it produces.Through Ben’s private journal entries, learn about his struggle to overcome DC’s destructive cynicism and his pursuit of an artistic vision. Will Ben follow his own artistic calling, or will he adopt DC’s anti-social lifestyle? Hang on, as these two personalities collide and events spiral out of control!

about the author~
Kevin Burton McGuire, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, received his MA in literature from Marquette University. He is the author of numerous short stories and a book of poetry, When It Rains in Carolina. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

my thoughts~
This was a quick & easy book to read. It took less than 6 hours to work my way through. It was well written and I enjoyed reading it, though this isn't my normal type of book to read. I'm glad I tried it, I liked it...

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. Receiving a copy in no way reflected my review of this book.


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