Tuesday, September 01, 2009

CBS Cancels 'The Guiding Light'

I grew up watching 'The Guiding Light' with my granny. I would race home everyday after school, to see what would happen in Springfield next. I wanted to be Reva, with the exception of the many different husbands. I would have just kept Josh. I loved Harley Davidson Cooper, Philip Spalding and Frank Cooper. Then I grew up, had to get a job and didn't keep up with the town of Springfield anymore. But I always knew that it was there if I was home with sick kids, on vacation, etc. Now it won't be. Over on MSN this morning I found this article. I makes me sad that it won't be there when I need a little afternoon getaway. I'm going to miss it!
If I remember correctly,
this is the first (or was it the second?)
of many weddings for Josh & Reva!


Missy said...

Oh no! It used to be my favorite way back when. Did you watch it when Kevin Bacon was on it? I believe it was the summer of 1980. My cousin and I loved Phillip, of course...and Josh and Reva were big favorites.

Susie said...

Missy, you know I don't really remember much about it, just my favorites. Plot lines, etc, have all vacated my brain! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the oldest running show on TV was cancelled. I loved GL,but recently with the changes made to sets and location shoots it was ruined.I will miss my daily fix of GL.Now its just Days of Our Lives for me.

That was their first wedding.Reva was also married to his father HB. She had a son with Billy but i don't remember if they were married before Josh. i know they married later on. reva sure did the rounds with that family.lol.

Alot of actors are coming back for the final days.nola,bridget,Dylan and a few more.Even 2 actors from Y&R wanted to be a part of the final shows and will poop into Springfield.(Jeanne Cooper and the actor who plays Michael Baldwin,I forget his real name)

Anonymous said...

oops that sound be pop not poop..lol

Susie said...

oh I had forgotten about Nola and those guys! Wow, I wish I could stay home and watch it that last week!

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