Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How Could I Have Possibly Forgotten?!? G.I. Joe!!

Sunday morning I woke up and thought: I need to go see G.I. Joe today! So, my son Matt and I jumped in the car to hit the first showing (because it's cheaper, don't ya know!), we get there and he dumps me to go see 'District 9' (which he says is an awesome movie)! I think he was afraid his old mom might start drooling over the guys! Which, of course, I did!

Let me tell ya, G.I. Joe is one action packed movie! Just to see Channing Tatum was worth the price of the ticket! I say if you like action packed movies, hot guys, and popcorn, you need to go see G.I. Joe, because he's my 'All American Hero'!!


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