Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Unforeseen Fears
By H. William Gruchow

They played games with murders; harmless games, it seemed, piecing together details from news reports; imagining theories about how and why; and wagering each other on the outcomes.

Even gaming the Dunwright murders wasn't supposed to be serious. Two dead adults and a missing child; tragic, of course, but it's happened before. Except, this time something was different. There were voids, unanswered questions. Was it an execution or a kidnapping? And why did it seem investigators were misleading and deceptive? Was the investigation being subverted? By whom? And for what reason?

Their curiosities fired up, Armis and Jake broke the rules and did their own sleuthing; and when nine-year-old Brianne's dismembered remains turned up weeks later and miles away, their quest became an obsession that consumed Armis.

Yet, through encounters with corrupt lawmen, malevolent executives, and reticent family members, Armis was unable to find the answers he needed; until he met the mysterious Malwina. She insidiously drew him into her plan of personal vengeance, and closer to learning why Brianne had to die. But as they intruded into a world where the bad guys seldom lose, the game turned dangerous...and deadly.

~My thoughts on this book~

I love a good murder mystery, and this one was a real page turner. I look forward to more in what I hope is a long series from this writer.



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