Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Touching Silver
by Jamie Craig

Everything always comes back to the Silver Maiden.
Six girls are missing and cold-case detective Olivia Wright is determined to find them. A lone survivor names gang leader Gabriel de los Rios as the culprit-and points Olivia to Isaac McGuire, the force's foremost authority on Gabriel. Isaac is stubborn, domineering and believes in strange things like time travel and a mystical coin called the Silver Maiden that Gabriel wants. Yet the longer they work together, the more Olivia is drawn to him.
Isaac shares Olivia's desire to bring Gabriel to justice. He usually works alone, but the beautiful detective quickly fills his thoughts more than the case-and reminding himself that she's off limits only makes him want her more.
As Isaac and Olivia grow closer, so do their enemies. While they hunt Gabriel, a stalker targets Isaac and the missing half of the Silver Maiden reappears-with frightening effects on Olivia...

my thoughts~
 When I agreed to read Touching Silver, I didn't realize it was book #2 in the Silver Maiden trilogy. And I think you definitely have to read the first book before reading the second. There were just so many references that reading the first book would have been beneficial.
This is the story of Isaac & Olivia, 2 cops drawn together with the same need to take the bad guy down. Throw in a time traveling coin & you have a great book! My one complaint is the ending. I was left yelling "oh come on, seriously?"  Really. It was like someone just picked that spot and said ok that's it, the rest of this with be book #3. But even with the ending not to my liking, I can't wait until the 3rd book comes out!



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