Tuesday, May 17, 2011

do you listen?

Recently, I've began listening to audiobooks. I've tried on various occasions, but always found them hard to follow for some reason. A month ago, I bought a bike and thought I would get a book on CD from the library and listen while I ride. It's FABULOUS! I love listening to someone read the book! I listen while I clean house, garden and of course ride my bike! In the last month, I've listened to Halfway To The Grave, Naked In Death, Glory In Death and I just finished Ceremony In Death! (I know, I've already read these books!) I'm addicted, I think! So my questions to you... do YOU listen to audiobooks? Do you count it as 'reading' a book?



Delphyne said...

I LOVE audiobooks! I definitely count them as "reading".

Commchick said...

I've listened to them in the past, helped to kill the time when I had a long commute and wasn't in the mood for music. Yes, I count it as reading a book!!

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