Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Ramblings On...
The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series
by J.R. Ward

There might be some spoilers below. If you haven't read all of the books, don't read any further!
You've been warned!

While I've been sick this week, I took the opportunity to finish reading (again!) the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Call me smitten, but they are are still as good the 4th time I read them as the first! Zsadist is still my favorite but really, there isn't a brother I don't like!

I know that it's already been announced that Tohr's book is next, and I think she will have him with No 'One, but I can't help but wonder, HOW? I mean he was devastated when Wellsie was killed. And he was definitely bonded with her. I mean come on, he freaking disappeared for 8 months and was living off of deer blood. And about No 'One. She died, then was given the ok to stay on the other side and help care for the Chosen and is now back on this side, with Payne (& Xhex). Is she alive? Or would that be living? And if the Virgin Scribe can give her human form again so she lives, why couldn't she do that with Doc Jane? I mean Doc Jane is her Daughter-In-Law. Hmmm...

On her Facebook page she mentions 'And now it's time to finish Rhage and Mary's slice of life :D *shares Tootsie Pops*' I'm assuming it's a novella. Could it be that they will soon be adopting a child? I would love to see that happen! I've kind of missed Rhage's beast in the last few books, too. 

In Love Mine, Lash (the bastard) thinks how he has Quinn's brother in deep freeze. Did I cough my way through what became of him? For the life of me, I can't remember! 

I look forward to more of Payne & Manny in the future. And I'm glad that so far Manny isn't having to change. I think it's great that Butch & Manny are half brothers and that they've found each other! Which opens up the possibility of Manny becoming a Vampire, since both he & Butch are descended from Wrath!

I'm still hoping for a Quinn & Blay book. Color me confused, I'm not sure where the WARDen is going with this whole Layla thing. I will  be very disappointed if she has Quinn end up with Layla. I mean he's already thrown off his bonding scent with Blay. I wish I could just tell her: don't follow the NORM with these two. Let Quinn & Blay have their romance, please don't make them follow what society considers 'normal' romance.

Well those are just some of my ramblings about the BDB series. I have more, but I think those will be posted later! Have a fabulous Saturday!



Jen said...

I agree that it's way too soon for Tohr to find a new love. In my opinion, his should be the very last book in the series. --I am also a big Qhuay fan. And while Ward says they are each other's HEA, I worry that she will somehow work Layla in --and that will piss me off. No sex between Qhuinn and Layla. Ever.

Susie said...

What? Last book of the series? Girl, don't even think such things! huh. Okay, now that the urge to yell, NOOOOOOO!! has passed...

Oh she has said that huh? Yay! I must have missed it somewhere. Let's face it, I'm not a big messageboard follower. It's too time consuming. I'd rather be reading! But Yay! I would be ok with Quinn & Layla doing the deed once (and only once!) if that got her knocked up and Quinn to face the 'Dude your gay' Liza Minelli, Bette Midler & Cher trio music!

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