Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yes, I'm back...well maybe... no really I am!

 Well, it's been about 5 months since I've posted. I've been really neglectful and I'm sorry! I had to take a break and try to get my life back on track. At the beginning of June, my son (mini me) left for Basic Training for the Army Reserves. The day he leaves, my daughter & I got into a tiff and she moved OUT. I mean just left. I thought she would be coming back home. NOPE. She stayed with her friend until she could be moved into her dorm. Unfortunately, she didn't make it a semester. She decided Florida, yes, you heard me, Florida had better forensic schools, so she withdrew from classes (oh did I mention that she had a full ride to a private college? No, well she did) and moved to Florida and now lives with her boyfriend, his parents and his grandparents. Hopefully she can get into summer classes and get into the swing of things. Needless to say, even mini me coming home from Basic Training wasn't enough to pull me out of the dumps I was feeling. So, I went to a dr. asked for some handy dandy anti-depressant and voile! I am reading again! So here is where the maybe comes in. I received a Kobo ereader for Christmas! Woohoo! And I had the bright fabulous idea to start another blog. My lavender Kobo. BUT. I'm thinking I like it here. So the few posts I have made there, I will try to import them here! But I will tell you this: I will NOT be having as many giveaways. It was starting to cause me to much stress. Fortunately our friends at CSN just emailed me about a giveaway! So I think that is the perfect way to start the new year! Be looking! Details to come soon!!


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Hey honey! Welcome back!! It is always wonderful to see you honey! Happy pills are a wonderful thing sometimes!

Hugs to you and truly I am glad that all is well!!!

Commchick said...

Welcome back, look forward to hearing more from you. I understand about needing happy pills, they are a friend indeed, and everyone needs help sometimes. Hope you have a wonderful new year.

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