Monday, January 03, 2011

My Lavender Kobo...

 Now that the holidays are behind me, it's time that I start sharing with the world the love that I feel for My Lavender Kobo! I received that Kobo as an early Christmas present and have completely fallen in love with it!

The Kobo comes with the Border app already installed, but I quickly switched to Kobo Books and love it so much more! No particular reason, I'm not computer savvy, not really computer illiterate. I know the basics.  I haven't figured out how to unregister my computer on ADE so I can register my Kobo. So until I figure out how that works, I will not be renting ebooks from the library. LOL!
I have read blog entries where people have deleted the 100 books that come pre-installed on each Kobo and I wonder why? They are all classics that everyone should read at least once in their lives. Ok, so the truth is, I haven't read any of them YET, but some great movies have been made from these classics.
I was so excited about my Kobo, that I immediately sat down and crocheted (yes, I am a woman of many talents!) a little fuzzy pink sleeve that it slips into, to protect it from "stuff" floating around my purse. It works well for me, and it didn't cost $39.99 like most of the ereader covers (that I liked) cost.

I love how small the Kobo is. It's 4.7 x 7.2 x 0.4 inches, it has built in WiFi and a slot for a 4 GB SD memory card! When I'm reading it is so easy to "turn the pages" and the pages! Oh, they look REAL! I wish I had a camera that wasn't attached to my crappy cell phone just so I could show you how great the pages look!
So my goal for this blog will be to keep track of the books that I read on my ereader, and also about any tips or tricks that I come across (if I come across any!). 


Commchick said...

I have been wanting an e-reader for some time, but just couldn't allow myself to let go of the money to spend on me with the holidays. I hope to save enough money before my birthday to buy myself one then. I'm so happily jealous for you.

Susie said...

Thanks! I love it!

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