Friday, March 19, 2010

Do I need to set up blogging rules for myself? Oh! I think I do!!

You know, I think I've done 'ok' with blogging in the year (yep, it's been a year, yes, I know I missed my blogoversary! LOL!) that I've been blogging, reviewing books and the giveaways that MGP has hosted. Boy, I made a doozy of a booboo this morning! I mean, I've announced winners late. I've completely forgotten about a giveaway (that was when I was in the hospital and then recovering once I got home). I've forgotten to finish a review or two before it posted as scheduled. But today. Oh today, what a day you have been! You want to know what I did? Well, let me start out by saying that I've added google doc forms to the giveaways, so those that enter can automatically add their mailing address, nothing more needs to be done. LOVE THIS IDEA! It was working well. Till today. I woke up bright & early. My son had started my coffee (gotta love him!) so it was ready, turned on the computer and remembered! Oh crap! Jordan ended on the 15th. Oh crap! Today's the  (flip hurridly through my day planner) 19th!!!!!! Crap, crap, crap...hurry, hurry, picks my 5 winners....get the post started......add the picture....... winners names....DONE! Oh no! Wait, I still need to send the winners an email, (cause there isn't anything better than first thing in the morning, than finding out you won something!!!) go to the form (HERE is where my doozy happens) hide the non-winning entrants, copy & paste (what I think are ONLY the winning entrants) get the email typed up and hit send. Whew! Done. Winners announced-check! Emails sent-check! Go over to fix breakfast from Jim's mama-check! Come back and check my email- WHAT IN THE HECK DID I DO?????????????

Well see, now go back to the part where I said I 'hide the non-winning entrants, copy & paste (what I think are ONLY the winning entrants) get the email typed up and hit send'. Yep. I emailed EVERYBODY!!!  So everyone that entered thinks they won Jordan. And if I could afford it, I would buy each and everyone of you a copy. But, I'm unemployed and have not had any luck in finding a job yet. So I've reached out via email and let everyone know about my emailing blunder fiasco. I thought I would suck it up, put my big girl panties on and let EVERYONE who reads my blog know. Yep. I make mistakes. Sometimes it's a little one. Sometimes not so little (read: HUGE). I'm human.

But this doozy of a blunder has caused me to stop and think that I need to set up some ground rules (which I will add to as I think of them):

  1. Don't rush and blog. If I don't have the time that the post deserves, I'm going to wait & do it right!

  2. When I am emailing the winners, no more copy & pasting more than 1 email address at a time!

  3. I will not hold more giveaways than my l.i.f.e. will allow me to actively keep watch over!

  4. When I make a mistake, I will own up to it! (even if it is embarassing!!!)
So. There you have it. My doozy. If you were one of the entrants that I emailed this morning, there should be another explaining what happened, along with the actual winners names. I am so sorry! If you have a ground rule that you've set for yourself where blogging is concerned, let me know! Thank you for being so understanding! I appreciate it!!


Scorpio M. said...

Don't feel bad , Susie. It happens. I'm just really thankful that there are so many dedicated bloggers, such as yourself, out there. I love your blog, the reviews and the giveaways, I've been introduced to authors I probably would never have tried on my own.

Thank you!

Susie said...

Thanks! We appreciate the readers just as much! But accidents happen and its best that I own up to it!! LOL!

couponmom said...

Oh, Susie, you sound exactly like me. I could see myself doing something like that, so I totally understand your blunder. I everyone else should understand too. And if they don't, then it its time they put on their big girl panties and went home. lol


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