Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tour Stop~ "How Perfect Is That" by Sarah Bird

Blythe Young’s recent divorce from Trey Dix has left her outside the protective bubble of Austin’s high society. As her catering business goes broke and the IRS starts to chase her down, Blythe seeks a haven at Seneca House, the housing co-op where she lived 10 years ago during college. There, she must face Millie Ott, one of many friends Blythe shucked off in a frenzy of social climbing. Once portly Millie is now slender and, as a perfect foil for Blythe, also saintly: she delivers aid to the homeless by way of a tandem recumbent bike (which Blythe names the “dorkocycle”). At Seneca House, Blythe tries to make amends with people she’s stepped on, to avoid the IRS, and to kick both a lingering drug habit and an addiction to scamming people into helping her out. She slowly starts to wins over the affection of her housemates until one of her unthinking decisions brings potential ruin on the co-op’s financial well-being. The result is a laugh-out-loud addition to Bird’s long line of estrogen-fueled dramedies.

About The Author:
Born Dec. 26, 1949 in Ann Arbor, Mich., Bird lived a peripatetic childhood in an Air Force family. She received a bachelor's degree in anthropology from the University of New Mexico in 1973 and a master's degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin in 1976. Bird was an editor and contributor for the no-longer-active Austin magazine Third Coast. She authored five romance novels under the name Tory Cates before publishing her 1986 comic novel "Alamo House," set on frat row at a Texas university.
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my thoughts:
I am now a Bird watcher! I will be on the look out for all of her books! "How Perfect Is That" would be a great, fun book to read this summer! The characters are detailed in such a way that you really get to know & care (or really dislike) them. I've never been to Austin, but I feel like if I did go, I would know my way around.
What I thought was so great about "How Perfect Is That", you almost feel like you're reading about a friend (or in some cases, maybe you!). Blythe is a mess. Like most people. She was not perfect. She's divorced, broke, her business is crappy. Who hasn't been there? And like most people who have been there, she finds out who her real friends are.
my suggestion:
If you want a funny read to add to your bookshelves, this is it!


MISSY said...

I'm adding it. Thanks for a great review!

Angie said...

That sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for the review.

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