Monday, July 20, 2009

Julie & Julia by Julie Powell

Julie & Julia, the bestselling memoir that's "irresistible....A kind of Bridget Jones meets The French Chef" (Philadelphia Inquirer), is now a major motion picture. Julie Powell, nearing thirty and trapped in a dead-end secretarial job, resolves to reclaim her life by cooking in the span of a single year, every one of the 524 recipes in Julia Child's legendary Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Her unexpected reward: not just a newfound respect for calves' livers and aspic, but a new life-lived with gusto. The film version is written and directed by Nora Ephron and stars Amy Adams as Julie and Meryl Streep as Julia.

my thoughts:
I wish Julie Powell was my friend! She is incredibly funny and neurotic (enough so that she can make me look "normal")! As everyone pretty much knows by now, this book (soon to be a movie!) started as a blog, where Julie "steals" her moms "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" by Julia Child and decides she will make all the recipes (there's like 562?) in 1 year. The blog is her husbands idea (computer geek that he is)and as her following starts to grow, Julie feels more & more pressure to cook & post. One of the funniest parts was when she got to the section where she had to kill the lobster. I was ROTFLMAO! There is alot of cussing in this book, so if you are offended by curse words, this might not be the best choice for you. Does she quit cooking? Or does she succeed in making every recipes? Read it and find out!
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