Wednesday, April 29, 2009

oh the weather outside is...cold?

I was wearing capris and tee shirts a couple of weeks ago, just as soon as the temp hit 58.Today, it's 60ish and I'm wishing I still had my little space heater at my desk, because I'm freezing! We hit temps around 80 over the weekend, and now I'm cold. (insert sarcasm here please) I love Indiana weather.

I spent the weekend cleaning the yard from all the winter time muck, cleaning off the outside furniture, that sort of thing. It was truly a beautiful weekend! I'm thinking of buying a new gas grill this summer, along with a new patio set for the back yard. Now this is my "dream" grill, but this is what I will probably end up buying. Not that there is anything wrong with the grill that I will be buying, but come on! My dream grill is built in and runs on natural gas! Who wouldn't love that?!? Only crazy people. Yep, I said, only a crazy person wouldn't want the Cadillac of grills!


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